Sponsoring Athletics in Northern California: How Local Businesses and Organizations Can Make a Difference

State Farm is a major supporter of local organizations, both through its corporate offices and individual agents. If you run a not-for-profit sports program and you have State Farm, you may be eligible for grants to help fund your activities. These grants are available to nonprofit organizations, local agencies, and California IHEs (Institutions of Higher Education) to promote boating safety. The funds are intended to support programs that provide training and education that improve public understanding of navigation laws, water and weather conditions, and equipment. The National Sports Marketing Network (NSMN) is another organization that provides support for athletics in Northern California.

Founded in 1998, NSMN is the first and only U. S. trade organization for men and women working in the sports business industry. They have a Board of Directors comprised of members from across the country who are dedicated to promoting sports programs for young people. Coca-Cola has also been a major sponsor of athletics in Northern California since 1976. They were one of the first sponsors to support FIFA's new global sponsorship project, helping to develop grassroots football programs around the world while providing FIFA with the necessary resources to make football the global game we know today.

Coca-Cola also provides grants and in-kind support to California nonprofit organizations and businesses in areas eligible for family-oriented events. The North Coast Section is another organization that provides support for athletics in Northern California. This not-for-profit service organization is comprised of public and private member schools, and they are deeply committed to providing a healthy environment in which students can play sports. They offer grants to non-profit organizations in Southern California for sports activities and programs for young people in eligible counties. The Department of State also offers grants to California nonprofit organizations, government agencies, school districts, and tribes to promote participation in outdoor recreational activities for underserved communities. Grants are available to improve programs and experiences for young people in sports programs. Coca-Cola has also been a major supporter of television series and movies such as James Bond and Marvel movies (Avengers Endgame, Avengers Infinity War, Mini Marvel).

From the Times Square billboard that appeared in King Kong from 1933 to the Coca-Cola advertisement that gave rise to Eleven in the successful Netflix movie Stranger Things, Coca-Cola has played a supporting role in many major productions. Local businesses and organizations can make a huge difference when it comes to sponsoring or supporting athletics in Northern California. From providing grants to nonprofit organizations to supplying resources for television series and movies, there are many ways that businesses can help promote sports programs for young people. Companies like State Farm, NSMN, Coca-Cola, North Coast Section, and the Department of State have all made significant contributions towards making sure that young athletes have access to quality sports programs. Organizations like these have helped create an environment where young athletes can thrive by providing them with the necessary resources they need to succeed. By sponsoring or supporting athletics in Northern California, businesses can help create an environment where young athletes can reach their full potential.